A story with
humble origins

Welcome into Cerutti's home, a family of winemakers for three generations.


Pidrin Farm is located on the historical hills “Colline Novaresi”, very well known in the past for the high quality of their wines Nebbiolo and Vespolina.

Marco begins with a small family production, and at the same time he starts buying other vineyards and woods nearby, all in the “Talunit” area, where vineyards used to be more than a century ago.

No doubt Marco has started a difficult and demanding work of reclamation of his hills and vineyards, bringing them back to life. He may not have fully realised his role as a pioneer: he is not only planting vineyards, he is actually mixing history, terroir and wine. Pidrin wines are not only to be tasted, they are to be listened.


Pidrin winery is located in North Piedmont, in the province of Novara, in the area known as “Colline Novaresi”, a land with a long history and tradition in the production of excellent wines. The first cooperative cellar in Italy was founded in Oleggio (15 Km from us) back in 1891.

The 4 provinces of Novara, Vercelli, Biella and Verbano-Cusio- Ossola have got a common father called Monte Rosa (the second highest mountain in Europe); the Alps are geologically responsible for the great mineral richness of these soils that can produce very good wines, though with different characteristics at a few kilometres one from the other.

This particular microclimate (good temperature ranges between day and night, fresh summer breeze coming down from the mountains and continental winters) makes the Nebbiolo grapes thrive, so that those wines are elegant, fine and long lasting.

The Pidrin vineyards are located in Borgomanero in an area called “Talunit”; the soil of these hills have a fluvial-glacial origin, with grit and pebbles which originally came rolling down the Alps.


The small church of Saint Alessandro, rebuilt in 1933, dominates the Talunit valley. Legend has it that if the bells ring when a storm is coming, their sound will preserve the vineyards from damage; that’s why, when the sky is getting dark and threatening, Pedrin runs to the church and starts to ring “his” bells with all his strength and …..the sky clears up.

«Suggestion? Luck? Legend? We like to think that something magic happens on our hills and with the sound of those bells. All this is a part of us, deeply.»

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