A wine to listen to.

A story with
humble origins.

Welcome into Cerutti’s home, a family of winemakers for three generations.

« During the 1930s my grandfather Alessandro produced wine to be sold to the local “osterie” (taverns); for us taking care of our vineyards is like taking care of our families. We don’t have any coats of arms, we simply are country winegrowers, with passion, love and respect for our land and hills, our vines and wines. My father Pierantonio (Pidrin) and my uncles Luigi and Silvano have given me all their love for this beautiful world of wine, teaching me all they know: a glass of wine is not only a glass of white or red, but it is our history, our life and the life of our children and future generations.»


Thanks to the knowledge, the competence and the passion of the people who are working with us, we can “read” our vineyards in order to meet their needs and to appreciate their values.

We want our wines to be as natural as possible, we usually intervene promptly on the vines controlling pests and diseases with natural methods- just as they used to do in the past, respecting Nature and its time.


At Cantina Pidrin, the passion for wine intertwines with the richness of history and the values it carries. Here, you won’t find daily tastings or routine lunches and dinners. We’ve chosen to adopt a different approach, one that captures the essence of special moments and transforms them into indelible memories.

Our philosophy is based on quality over quantity, experience over routine. This means we prefer to dedicate our time and energy to a few, but extraordinary events designed to excite and engage our audience. Each event we host is an open window into our history, our values, and the passion that guides us in the world of wine.

However, we recognize that there are moments in life that deserve a unique celebration. For this reason, we are more than happy to open the doors of our cellar to organize large events upon request. Whether it’s a romantic wedding or a corporate meeting, we will work closely with you to create a tailor-made experience that reflects your desires and expectations.

We look forward to creating unforgettable moments together in the unique setting of our vineyards.

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